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Job Category:  Other
Contract Partner Company:  BYLOR
Employing Company:  BYLOR

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Welding Inspector:




Purpose of the role: 

Ensuring that the fabrication and site installations are in compliance with the Project Specifications, Codes and Standards, the designs and drawings and that it meets the design intent.

Key responsibilities and specific accountabilities: 

Liaison with the Engineering and Project personnel, Clients' Inspectors, other discipline inspectors and, when appropriate, the Certifying Authority, Classification Society and / or Independent Verification Body. 

Co-ordinating all onsite inspection activities, ensuring that fabrication, erection, installation & mechanical completion is carried out in accordance with the appropriate requirements and that general good practices are adopted and adhered to, resulting in the product being verified/certified (done by discipline inspectors) 

Ensuring the welds are performed by qualified welders in accordance with approved procedures / site welding instruction sheets and the resultant welds follow the requirements to ensure compliance. 

Carrying out weld procedure, production test and general parameter monitoring using the accepted methods and equipment, including setting up of welding plant when required.  Monitoring, inspecting and sentencing of welder qualifications. 

Performing surveillance as required by the Quality Control / Inspection and Test Plans, and documenting all the inspections on the appropriate formats, including stores monitoring, consumable control checks, etc. 

Performing daily inspections and compiling photo reports, maintaining a daily diary and completing checklists. 

Monitoring materials usage and traceability to ensure the right material is being utilised, that Test Certificate Numbers are being transferred and correctly recorded 

Ensuring that any problems /non-conformances raised on construction are identified, documented & resolved in accordance with the relevant procedures 

To be familiar with the Scope of Work, the Contract Specifications and appropriate National / International Standards, the drawings and the procedures. 

Any quality issues are brought to the attention of the welding manager, including deficiencies which may be outside his workscope e.g.: preservation and protection of materials and equipment, architectural items unprotected in an external environment. 

To carry out any other inspection duties as requested by and agreed with the welding manager. 

Ensure welding Quality Release Certification is produced and signed off by all parties


Qualifications and Experiences: 



Welding Inspector Qualifications   

CSWIP 3.2.1 Senior welding Inspector (essential) 

CSWIP 3.1 inspector (essential) 

NDE Inspector Qualification              

PCN level 3 all PCN disciplines   

PCN level 2 Radiographic Interpretation (light & Dense)   

PCN level 2 Ultrasonic                      

PCN Level 2 Dye Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle testing 

All the above cover all aspects dependant on scope requirements and are deemed preferable but not essential

Technical Knowledge: 

Five basic methods commonly used to examine finished welds: visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultra-sonic and radiographic (X-ray). 

Joint configuration set-up



Previous experience in large site as Welding Inspector is essential





For this role you must have evidence of right to work in the UK. As a project, we do not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, race, colour, religion, disability or sexual orientation, and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.